Our Story

From its modest start in Lagos, Nigeria, Cornfield Group has grown into one of the leading and best managed conglomerates in Nigeria particularly and West Africa at large. From the very beginning, Cornfield Group’s approach to business was essentially consumer oriented, delivering the highest quality products and services at the most pocket friendly pricing. Sensing the rising demand for quality products, Cornfield Group invested heavily in fixed infrastructure that supported maximum distribution of its products and services at the most cost effective terms to customers.


Spanning more than one decade, we have broken grounds and challenged the status quo across the global business scene. Effective leadership coupled with high spirited and dedicated workforce is the framework upon which the growth and success of our organization are hinged.


Over the last one decade, our business vision has been driven by the evolving needs of our consumers and the changing marketplace. What started as a small business enterprise has now grown into a leading business conglomerate with presence in Nigeria, UK, UAE, Ghana and Kenya and operations across diverse sectors like: Information Technology, Manufacturing, Multimedia, Government to Citizens, Foods and Beverages etc.


Guided by the pursuit of excellence at all times, Cornfield Group has continued to grow dynamically in a highly sensitive and competitive international environment and in all markets where it has presence, governed by its principles of Professionalism, Reliability, Integrity, Innovation, Commitment, Enthusiasm and Diligence.

It is our vision to leverage technological innovations to enrich the lives of consumers around the world.

To manufacture quality products, provide bespoke and innovative solutions and uphold the company’s excellent standards for continuous development and effective service delivery.